Some good news!

Well, we recently found out from our agency that neither they, nor the Polish authorities would charge us again for their services and legal fees!  Obviously we would still need to pay third-party fees, such as for immigration, and travel/accommodation costs, among other things, but we’ll have a “credit” so to speak with our agency and in Poland, should we wish to re-embark on the adoption journey and receive a new referral.  We are due to “expire” on January 4th, which means that we essentially need to start over with regard to the paperwork – meaning everything will need to be updated:  background checks with DCFS, FBI and immigration, home visits and homestudy update, medical exams, etc.  We would have needed to start updating these things right about the time we left for Poland in order for it all to be completed by early January, but of course we did not think we would need to because we figured we’d be returning home with the kids.  Frankly, I am a little paper-worked-out after 3.5 years, so we will not be rushing to try to submit an update to immigration by January 4th (and this only “buys” us 15 months before the next update is due anyways)….I’ll just wait until the new year to begin fresh.  That is to say, should we decide to continue along this path.  There are many factors to (re)consider knowing what we now know from experience and the fact that neither of us is getting any younger.  So I guess that is my plan for the Advent season…to pause, breathe, listen, learn and discern… 

We have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving:  for new experiences, lessons learned, support and encouragement coming from all sides, and the fork in the road…

Happy Thanksgiving!     



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